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UltraLog Professional:

Next Generation Security Recording, Intuitive User Interface, Complete IE Interface, Easy Installation, Multiple Server Connections with Master Control, High Quality Sound Clarity, Stored Files Easily Searchable










System Details:

-No additional software installation required. Compatible with IE 7.0 version or above.

-Simultaneously connect up to three (3) master computers, with all computers having full administrative access.

-Other features include: audio recording and playback, full administrative control, audio file search and downloads, advanced search, customizable system settings, system administrative customization, and much more.


Instant Accessibility and Playback:

-Quick search for desired files.

-Search categories include: date(s), time, incoming phone numbers, outgoing extension numbers, employee ID number, client code number, etc...

-Search results are grouped together and presented in "sheets"with a maximum of five (5) sheets for each search result.

-Important files can be saved to "My Favorite," making it more convenient to access specific files.

-Saved essential files can be downloaded and accessed through Microsoft Access and Excel software.

-Playback features include: previous file, next file, pause, volume adjustment, and current recording status.



Recording Parameter:

-Record by duration or by specific call.

-Manage directly online to change extension numbers, user ID, recording parameters, file compression, etc...

-Auto Backup Details.

-Recordings can be manually done or scheduled.

-DVD, USB, video recording compatible.

Administrator UI:

-Administrators can set user account numbers, passwords, administrative authority, software usage dates, and rolling information display. For example, controlling the display status of installation or faulty information.

-Internal systems check report can be sent via email notification to administrator.

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